This is a stream of consciousness review so buckle up...I got back into riding motorcycles after about a 25 year hiatus late last summer (2022). I was a Japanese brand fan :) who has owned various Hondas and Kawasakis back in my younger years. My two brothers convinced me, one, to start riding again so I can join them on some yearly trips and, two, check out some European bikes because they both ride Ducatis and BMWs respectively. I have lived in the Roanoke Valley for 10 years and have driven by Frontline many times. I always wanted to stop in but just never did to my loss! After my brother's consistent badgering to check them out I went in late last August '22 and started looking around. I was immediately greeted by Pat & Craig who were super friendly and helpful with a noob who hasn't ridden in decades. They patiently answered my many questions and also asked insightful questions that helped me to discern what kind of bike and riding style that would suit me at this stage in my life. I cant remember how many times I stopped by there that week to sit on more bikes and ask more questions. Each time it was the same friendly service and helpful advice. Of course I also spent hours and hours (way too many :) researching online and it turns out the staffs advice at Frontline really was more helpful than the keyboard warriors on the various forums I read through! I finally settled on a Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer and the purchasing experience was fantastic. Of course youre paying a premium price for a Euro brand but also getting a dialed in and amazing machine. The whole buying experience was superb; from the initial point of contact as I entered the store, the hours spent answering my questions and offering helpful advice, talking to the various staff from finance to service to parts, its as good of an experience purchasing a motorcycle as youll find anywhere in the country in my opinion. When it was time for the break-in service, Tiffany and the service department were so accommodating and easy to work with they had me in and out in a jiffy! Also I purchased some farkles for my new Tiger and Dan in Parts was super helpful and kind in directing me to what was really useful. I also purchased a new helmet and Cardo communication system and Dan was great installing that into the helmet and showing me how it all worked! Amazing service! Fast forward to March of 23I had ridden about 2500 miles on the Tiger and though its a wonderful machine there was just something lacking. I remember my brothers joking with me that once I get a motorcycle I am going to want another one and another one, etc :). I thought that wouldnt apply to me however they were correct! I think one thing I am realizing; you have to spend at a minimum several months riding a motorcycle to begin to get a feel for what suits you. Once again I spent way too many hours reading and researching how to make the Tiger scratch that itch but just never felt right on it. Once again Pat & Craig were super helpful in asking more insightful questions and helping me think through what other bike could be the one :). After test driving my brothers BMW R1200 a few months back and then test driving a BMW GS 1250 I realized I had found the bike for me! Speaking of test driving a bikeFrontline makes it so easy and as far as I understand, as long as you have a valid motorcycle license, you can test drive pretty much any bike in the store! What other dealer is that accommodating? After several more hours of conversations with Pat & Craig I pulled the trigger on a 23 BMW GS1250 Adventure and man what a bike! They offered me more than fair trade value on my Triumph Tiger and once again the whole process was just SUPERB! Yeplong reviewhowever in my opinion Frontline is the BEST Motorcycle Dealer in the Country and we are so blessed to have them here in the Roanoke Valley. One more point of proofI have witnessed in person several folks who have flown into Roanoke from pretty far distances and purchased a bike from Frontline and then ridden it homethat speaks volumes I think to the level of professionalism, service, value, and just plain on friendliness that youll find at Frontline. They are SUPERB folks! (Employee: Chris Waddell, Craig Wickersham, Pat Metheny, Tiffani Leary, Chip Huff, Hugh Huff)
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Stephen Laughridge
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